How many vehicles in your fleet ?

Show me how much I can save

Industry averages (update to reflect your business)

  1. Number of vehicles
  2. Average daily distance travelled per vehicle km
  3. Average fuel economy km / litre
  4. Fuel costs after rebate / litre
  5. Serviced every km
  6. Average cost of service incl. parts and labour / service
  7. Number of working days per week days
  8. Annual insurance cost per vehicle / vehicle
  9. Annual cost of incidents and accidents per vehicle / vehicle

Total projected ROI
Monthly fleet savings by benefit

  • Total Savings
  • Total Investment
  • Insurance & Compliance
  • Productivity
  • Fuel Savings
  • Servicing

With Imarda these savings are just the start of your return. You can expect to see savings like this in the first year. As more and more data is collected our customers are able to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Improve their teams productivity and work done
  • Reduce the number of vehicles in their fleet

Contact us today to get a tailored solution for your business.

This calculator is provided in good faith and intended to provide a simple indication of the return on investment that could be achieved with Imarda. It uses a number of generalised assumptions based on Transport industry averages and certain fixed values in order to minimise the data entry required. Imarda does not make any representations or warranties on the information provided.


Improve efficiency by managing delivery and pick up times

$0.00 monthly savings
per vehicle

Time saved monitoring compliance

$0.00 monthly savings
per vehicle

Accurate billing and ability to validate customer queries

$0.00 monthly savings
per vehicle

Cost of delaying decision by 3 months $0.00

Monthly reduction of CO2 emissions 500 Tonnes

For every $1 you spend with Imarda your return will be $0.00

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Imarda is pushing fleet management technology further

Take a look at some of Imarda's most popular transport specific features

If not, you may have the wrong system. Successful implementation should leave no doubt in your mind that you are adding value to your business. In fact, it should be difficult to imagine doing your job without it. At Imarda we know that the right system will pay for itself many times over and will be a key weapon against your most costly business challenges.

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Cameras/Incident Manager

  • Protect your company by having an impartial set of eyes in-cab at all times.
  • Establish and prove which party caused an incident
  • Save time and money on insurance claims
  • In-built triggers to alert you immediately of high impact events and manual button on camera for on-demand capture
  • HD quality video uploaded to the cloud in real time

Compliance - Fatigue/Speeding

  • Reduce the risk of an accident caused by speeding or fatigue
  • Rest assured knowing your drivers are abiding by the law and not putting their own and others’ lives at risk
  • Quickly affirm legal and company policy compliance
  • Save time and money on compliance-related admin work
  • Easily monitor bad habits across your fleet and track the success of efforts to improve them


  • Easily identify your best drivers and those that could benefit from additional training
  • Identify under-utilized assets
  • Identify customer hot spots to ensure time is being spent at the right places
  • See and predict trends in your business to help you make better decisions

Asset Tracking

  • Know the location of all assets, even those without a constant power source
  • Ensure assets keep to their service schedule, whether based on distance, time or engine hours.
  • Track your trailers even when they’re not attached to the prime mover
  • Use virtual devices to manage other non-tracked assets

About us

Imarda was founded in 2007 following the acquisition of two companies with a combined 11 years of experience building fleet management systems. We saw the future of fleet management beyond live tracking – as an opportunity for companies to optimize productivity, performance and drive long term success.

Our i360 software has been purpose-built to be a world class platform capable of driving the next generation of fleet management system solutions. At a time when many people are reaching the limit of what their software can offer, Imarda’s unique approach puts us in prime position to push the technology further.

Your fleet is generating information every minute of every day. By not taking full advantage of the data, your business is missing out on a significant opportunity to streamline operations and positively impact your bottom line.

Data is only useful if it provides insight to help you make well-informed business decisions. It is crucial to have a system that can process large amounts of information and give you real time intelligence about your fleet.

The true value of the Imarda system comes from the ability to create business wisdom. We consider business wisdom to mean knowing the right course of action to take in any situation.

You can trust Imarda to convert your data into actionable business wisdom you can use to manage your fleet in the safest, most efficient way.​